Your Foot Specialists in Kansas City

Welcome to the Plaza Footcare Center. We are happy that you are considering us for your foot health needs. At Plaza Footcare, we pride ourselves in listening to our patients and maintaining an ongoing relationship with you while working toward a solution to your foot problems.

For over 24 years, patients have been turning to our Plaza podiatric practice for all their footcare needs. Dr. John Riley and Dr. Brian Ware are committed to helping people get back on their feet to an active lifestyle they can enjoy without pain.

Conveniently located on the beautiful Country Club Plaza in the heart of Kansas City, our practice specializes in all foot ailments including sports or trauma injuries to the foot, nerve conditions, tendon injuries, diabetic foot issues and so much more. You can be assured that your visit with us will include a comprehensive exam and customized treatment options.

Both Dr. Riley and Dr. Ware pride themselves on an investment that includes continuing education, research and community involvement
Foot Specialists in Kansas City